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Lakeland Library Cooperative Interloans

Membership in the Lakeland Library Cooperative allows the Hesperia Community Library cardholders to borrow materials from libraries throughout West Michigan. They can also have books delivered to our library. Cardholders may also visit the member libraries and check out materials at that site. Materials should be returned to the library where they were checked out. By sharing materials, the member libraries can provide their cardholders with access to most materials that are published. Please refer to the center pages of this publication for more information.

Please note: Audio visual items cannot be requested through the online catalog. They can be borrowed by visiting the owning library and returning them there.


Hesperia Community Library cardholders may request books from the state wide MeLCat system. If a book is not available at the Hesperia Community Library or the Lakeland Library Cooperative member libraries, click on the MeLCat icon in the catalog to search other Michigan libraries. The book you would like to borrow must have "available" status in order to fill your request.